Warehouse Summer, posthumous album from DJ and producer i_o, released: listen –

We would like to thank everyone who patiently and lovingly waited for us, the G family, to say yes to the release of these latest tracks.

Thanks to i_o management for putting together all the necessary teams to release these latest tracks of music produced by Garrett & Lights. We are grateful to them and so many others for their regular “check-ins” with us, giving us time and space to miss him and mourn his absence. We loved hearing from so many, as each of us remembers Garrett in different ways. Some of his stories made us laugh or smile, others made us cry, because in those stories we relived so much of who Garrett was as a person and the many ways his life impacted each of us.

Thanks for sharing with us, it has really helped in healing. We hope that with this musical release there will be healing for others as well. Please continue to take care of yourself and others, remembering how fragile life can be.

On November 23, 2022 summer warehouse, a legacy album, will be released. Tomorrow, we celebrate you.

From the Lockhart family (Greg and Deb, Chad and Lindsey, Colin and Debbie)

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