SODOM Frontman Explains Why A Big Four German Thrash Tour Won’t Happen –

Just like America has its thrash big four, so does Germany. The Teutonic Great Four include Sodom, Destruction, CreatorY pitcheralthough it seems that we will never have a tour with the four of them.

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In an interview with bigmouth, Sodom Leader Thomas “Angelripper” such he said he feels Creator Leader thousand petrozza he is not interested in doing a trick. angel ripper added that he Destruction Leader Marcel “Schmier” SchirmerY pitcher Leader Andreas “Gerre” Geremia everyone hung out at the Mexico Metal Fest in September without an appearance from Petrozzaof whom he said that “he does not want to spend time with us.”

“Love Destruction. Schmier He is a good friend of mine. They have a different style of music. Destruction it’s more thrash metal than Sodom; we have more black metal or heavy metal influences. I am very proud of them. They did it. They created their own style. They have the perfect singer in the band. We always talk about the ‘Big Four’ and touring together, but it’s hard to do. I think One thousand not interested in doing it.

“We played at the Mexico Metal Fest last month, the ‘Big Four’, with hellhammer [performed by Tom G. Warrior‘s Triumph Of Death] Y Gravedigger and I spoke with Schmierwe had a beer with gerrébut i didn’t see One thousand. She went up on stage and went back to the hotel. She doesn’t want to spend time with us. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m living on a different planet. I don’t think this tour will ever happen.”

angel ripper then added that maybe there should be a Big Three tour with Sodom, DestructionY pitcher instead, or possibly even a one-off show.

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“We are friends, but I am a good friend of Schmier. Goal One thousand…is different. He is no longer on the scene. I never see him when we walk into any metal bar here in Essen. It’s completely different. We’ll have to talk about the ‘Big Three’ tour. It doesn’t have to be a shift. All the bands have a packed touring schedule, but we can put on a great show. This package is good for three, four or five thousand people.”

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