Ryuichi Sakamoto announces new album 12 –

Ryuichi Sakamoto has announced his new solo album 12. It’s out January 17 via Milan Records. 12 is the first solo studio album without a soundtrack by the Japanese composer since 2017 asynchronous. Sakamoto recorded the album in 2021 and 2022, with the track titles reflecting the dates the compositions were written. In a statement, Sakamoto, who has been undergoing cancer treatment, said, “After I finally ‘came home’ to my new temporary housing after a major operation, I found myself reaching for the synthesizer. I had no intention of composing something; He just wanted to be bathed in sound. I will probably continue to keep this kind of ‘diary’.”

On December 10, Sakamoto will debut with a career-spanning performance recorded at Tokyo’s 509 Studio, featuring a selection of 12– as part of a ticketed live stream. A preview of the new album will be available immediately after the concert for ticket holders.

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