[NEWEST] Jessica Iskandar Sells Chanel Bags via Instagram, Warganet: If Olga Syahpurra Is Still Alive…

The economic condition of artist Jessica Iskandar is currently being hit by a storm. The case of alleged fraud that he experienced made the wife of Vincent Verhaag have to work hard to find money. 

Jedar, as he is known, became a victim of alleged fraud, as a result he admitted that he had lost up to Rp10 billion. 

In the aftermath of this, Jedar is currently in debt to the installments he has to pay every month. 

Recently, Jessica Iskandar uploaded a photo of her expensive Chanel branded bag. In the caption for the photo upload, he wanted to sell the Chanel brand bag. 

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“Hello! I want to sell my bag, Chanel boy bag medium size, lamb skin, second hand I bought 2017, but it’s still in good condition. Warranty card and complete box,” wrote the caption for the photo. 

“Warranty card and complete box. Those who are seriously interested can contact the number in the link in my bio,” he added. 

Suddenly this post also made many netizens comment. 

“If I can afford it, I’ll buy it. I want to feel sorry for Pausr but he is richer,” wrote one netizen. 

Meanwhile, other netizens then quipped at the artist who had a blue tick but did not comment on Jessica Iskandar’s upload. 

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“There are no blue tick artists who comment,” uploaded one netizen.

There are also netizens who then mention the name of the late Olga Syahputra. 

“Try if the late olga is still there, it certainly won’t keep Ms. Pausr away,” said one netizen.