DEATH GRIPS, CODE ORANGE, CONVERGE, LOATHE and more booked for Outbreak Fest 2023

Outbreak Fest 2023 will take place between June 23-25, 2023 at Depot Mayfield in Manchester, UK. Tickets are on sale now and you can check out the currently incomplete, but extremely diverse, lineup for the festival below. We suggest you watch Death Grips live, as you never know when those guys might disappear again.

  • Denzel Curry
  • death grips
  • code orange
  • converges
  • count sweatshirt
  • Detest
  • show me the body
  • trapped under the ice
  • Rotation
  • sweet
  • meat water
  • To freeze
  • high visibility
  • piece of jesus
  • koyo
  • ugly little mane
  • Miguel
  • One step closer
  • Frown
  • to spy
  • Soul Glo
  • Speed
  • wiki
  • Zulu
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