DAN DONEGAN names the best DISTURBED song to introduce people to the band –

Even the most casual rock fans know Disturbedthanks to his 2000 hit “Down With The Sickness” from his debut album, The illness. The track defined an era with its throat-clearing growls and distinctly nu-metal riffs. But recently, guitarist Dan Donegan He pondered which song he would recommend to people looking to join the band for the first time, and he came up with a very interesting choice.

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To take part in Stir‘s “Entry Point” series, donegan suggested that “La Luz” be Disturbed2015 LPs, immoralizedas a great starting point for newbies.

“We’ve taken different paths in recent years with acoustic stuff and ‘The Sound of Silence’ [cover] and a couple of ballads, and then you have the old school sounds,” he said. donegan. “So it may not reflect the full picture of who we are, but I think a strong song for me that I love to show people and I think could be a great introduction is ‘The Light,’ which we did at the immortalized album.”

donegan He went on to say, “I love it lyrically and vibe-wise, and just his message: the [chorus], ‘Sometimes the darkness can show you the light.’ I think it’s such a powerful lyric because no matter who you are, we’ve all been through difficult and dark times. I like that we always do our best to try to spread some positivity, for the most part, and send that positive message to give people hope, to try to find the power and strength to get through those tough times.”

“The Light” achieved Top 20 status on the Billboard Rock and Alternative charts, and has remained a staple of their live shows. Disturbed has announced his new album division set for a November 18 release and the band is now streaming the new single “Unstoppable”. Check it out today!

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