CYNIC Teases First Tour Since 2014 With ATHEIST

Seems cynical is about to hit the road for the first time since 2014.

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cynical figurehead Pablo Masvidal has posted a sneak peek on his Instagram for a possible tour with his progressive death metal bandmate Atheist, although it is not clear where or when it could happen. But I guess if we knew those things, it wouldn’t be much of an advance. cynical they certainly look set to take the stage once again as they have announced their first show since 2015 aboard the 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise scheduled for 2023.

The real question here is what cynical It will even look like live these days. of course there is masvidal and drummer matt lynchbut it is currently unknown who will play bass and second guitar for the group. cynicalrecent album of Ascension Codes keyboard player features dave mackay covering bass on synth as well as a guest sot by Australian guitar virtuoso plinineither of whom are currently in the band.

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