CNN reporters are no longer allowed to drink during NYE coverage –

Watching reporters get drunk on New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the best part of holiday TV coverage, but you probably can’t expect a drunken rant from Don Lemon this year. ace variety CNN has reportedly ordered its correspondents to stop drinking while working on New Year’s Eve this year.

As well as Lemon, who pierced his ear during his 12:30 a.m. post-show block in 2016 and assured viewers last year that he was a “grown man” who didn’t care about his haters, Anderson Cooper and Andy. Cohen. Take the cake for the employees most likely to go viral on the web. Cooper and Cohen have hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage since 2002 and 2018 respectively, and the dynamic between their friendship tends to be exacerbated by alcohol, from Cohen ranting about Mayor de Blasio to Cooper awkwardly looking at the Bravo host talking to his most restrained friend. in shooting.

Interestingly, the duo will still be able to drink under CNN’s new policy, as they serve only as “hosts” and not “reporters,” while the other CNN employees (such as Lemon, who recently switched from primetime to a new concert featuring CNN This Morning) will not be allowed to join in on the fun. The rule stems from the network’s new CEO, Chris Licht, who told employees during a town hall meeting that drinking on camera hurts CNN’s credibility and hurts the “respectability” of its reporters. Never mind that their New Year’s antics are probably the most relatable they’ve ever been to the average viewer (not to mention the viewer engagement it no doubt provides).

Cooper and Cohen will again anchor CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage this year, but the network hasn’t announced which reporters will be forced to work sober on the biggest night of partying of the year. For a way out for those poor souls.

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