Bethesda responds to MICK GORDON’s accusations about Doom Eternal –

Eternal DOOM to compose mick gordon and director of id Software Studio Martin Stratton they’ve had a fairly public dispute over the soundtrack for the aforementioned game.

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In 2020, Stratton posted an open letter on Reddit accusing gordon to not fully mix and produce the game tracks, and to have a lead audio designer from id named Chad help fix it before launch. In the letter, Stratton alleviates the problem between id and gordonmissed deadlines, online chat about gordonthe general work of not being finished, existing differences between Chad Y gordonwork of (that is, that gordonthey were poorly mixed and compressed to hell), and sheds light on a bunch of behind-the-scenes contractual, legal, and personal issues.

Then, earlier this month, gordon posted a lengthy response laden with accusations beginning with “Martin lied about the circumstances surrounding the Eternal DOOM soundtrack and used misinformation and innuendo to blame me entirely for its failure. Then he offered me a six-figure settlement to never talk about it. As far as I’m concerned, the truth is more important.” gordon further alleged that he was not paid more than half of the Eternal DOOM soundtrack, was removed from the process at the end of the soundtrack, Stratton she never approached him about the controversy and instead published the open letter, among other things.

Eternal DOOM Bethesda publishers have now stepped in to address gordonDeclaration of . In its post, Bethesda states gordon misrepresented the entire situation, stating that they “reject distortion of the truth and selective presentation of incomplete ‘facts’.” Bethesda also asks all fans to refrain from harassing all parties involved, because it’s 2022 and sadly, you have to ask people that.

“The recent publication of mick gordon mischaracterized and misrepresented the id Software team, the development of Eternal DOOM, Marty StrattonY Chad Mossholder with a one-sided and unfair account of an irreparable professional relationship.

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“We are aware of all the details and history of this matter and we unequivocally support Martin, Chad and the id Software team. We reject the distortion of the truth and the selective presentation of incomplete ‘facts’. We are ready with full and complete documented evidence to disclose in an appropriate location as needed.

“Statements posted online have incited harassment and threats of violence against Martin, Chad and the id Software team. Any threat of harassment directed at our team members will be met with prompt and appropriate action to protect their health and safety.

“We remain incredibly proud of id’s previous collaborations with mick gordon and ask that fans refrain from jumping to conclusions based on his account, and more importantly, from attacking any of the people mentioned on either side, including Martin, Chad Prayed Miguel.”

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